Readers Respond: How'd You Make Packing Less Stressful? Editor's Note: Of all the chores that comprise moving, packing and unpacking might be the least favorite.

Recognizing that, we asked our readers who recently moved for their tips on making the process less arduous. Here are their answers.

"Cushion breakables with plenty of newspaper and bubble wrap and write on the boxes which rooms they go in at the new place and list what's in each box on the outside."

"I would color-code the boxes based on where/which room/area they belong. Otherwise, the movers will just pile all the boxes in one area and you would have to move the boxes yourself later to a specific room/area.  Also make a 'fragile' sign in LARGE font."

"I did my own packing.  I used plastic bins, instead of boxes.  They're sturdier, easily stackable and stronger.  I also didn't overload them with weight for easy lifting."

"I started packing my boxes about 3 weeks before my move, and that was a great help, and I labeled every box."

"I did my own packing.  I started about two weeks before the move. I would just do a little bit here and there so it didn't seem so overwhelming."

"Yes, have help! I unpacked the boxes while 2 others helped to put things away. Also, when you unpack a box, fully unpack it before moving on to another box.".

"Having uniform boxes and good packing material is really helpful.  Home Depot has greatly reduced the price of their boxes!  Starting early and stacking them in one area of the house in prep for moving day is good.  Labeling the boxes, even indexing some, made it easier."

"Labeling, labeling, labeling!!! Label what items are in the boxes, assign numbers to the rooms at your new location with a layout, pack way in advance if you can."

"It is better for the same person that packs unpacks so you know how items were wrapped." 

"Pack only the items that already belong together. Do not mix up rooms or drawers."

"We used bubble wrap and newspaper for protection.  We took over our dishware and other breakables by ourselves so that we knew they would get there safely and in one piece.  I would recommend that to anyone if you are able to do so."