Moving During the Heat: Tips to Stay Cool and De-Stress

The process of moving is traumatic in itself, but what can make it really miserable is relocating in particularly hot weather when discomfort levels can reach the intolerable. Staying cool is vital for both you and your long distance moving company. Here are some tips on how to beat the heat.

Protect Yourself:
If you find out that you are moving during a heat wave, don’t panic. Otherwise you could be punishing yourself with higher blood pressure and headaches. On the day of your move, dress sensibly for the conditions – this should include loose-fitting white or light colored garments and a hat with a generous brim to protect your head and face. Use a high factor sunscreen on all your exposed skin, and keep on applying it during the move.

If possible, try to accomplish the bulk of the move out (and in) during the relative cool of the morning. The sun is always hottest between the hours of 10am and 4pm, so do your best to remain in the shade during these hours. Drink cold or iced water regularly during the day to replenish your body’s needs – dehydration is as dangerous as sun stroke, and they are both avoidable when you use your common sense and listen to what your body says.

Protect your Belongings:
Moving long distances during hot weather may be quite stressful. Be sure to keep packed boxes and your other possessions out of direct sunlight for as long as possible. On a really hot day, the sun’s rays falling directly onto a box can increase the internal temperature far higher than the atmospheric heat you are experiencing directly. This may melt contents in the box and damage your items.

Protect your Animals and Plants:
We all love a little sun, as do our pets and plants, but on a hot moving day keep a special eye on your furry friends and your plant collection as well. Dogs, cats and hamsters all have fur that can make them increasingly hot in the summer. Be sure that they have plenty of water and that they are kept in the shade. You should also generously water your plants in the cool of the morning before the move.

Try to make the hot weather on your move day as much fun as possible. This can be done with relative ease if you just think sensibly about it and keep calm. If using moving with car to get to your new home, make sure you keep it in the shade with windows wound down to let air movement through. If your car has an air conditioner, run it ahead of driving off, with the windows up this time of course. You can also shade your sunny-side windows with towels to deflect the heat.

We hope this will help you to beat the heat during moving and get to your new home cool and collected.