Corporate Relocation: Guide to Making your Move for Work a Successful One

A corporate relocation is a major event in an individual's life. An exciting opportunity, there are also many pitfalls when it comes to moving for work. You will often have to uproot your family or move suddenly without much warning. When you find out that you have to move, it is crucial to plan your relocation with your HR team and do some research yourself. Here are some of our tips to make your next corporate relocation a successful moving experience.

Tips for a Corporate Relocation:

  • If your company has a moving company they are working with consider yourself lucky. If not you will have to conduct the research yourself and find a reliable moving company. Be sure that they can meet your specific needs such as moving date and that they can actually move all of your belongings. Through this process, be sure to also obtain an in house moving estimate so that you will actually know what your move will cost.

  • When packing up your items, make sure that you keep everything organized and label your boxes with a color coded system. This will help to avoid confusion (and a mess) when unpacking.

  • Set aside a box that will contain all the immediate items you will need to start work in your city or town. You don't want to have to big through boxes when you will most likely have to start working before you are done unpacking. Point out this box to the moving company so they can unload it somewhere that is clear and obvious to you.

  • Change your contact information. When moving for work, even if you are working with your HR department, you will have to change your address on your mail and bills. Contact the post office to have your mail forwarded as well as change your billing address on your credit card bills.