What are the Different Types of Moving Vehicles?

By Richard Farrell
Special to VanLines.com

Whether you decide to opt to use a "do-it-yourself" moving truck company, a "you pack, they drive" one, or a full moving service company, it is important that the right type of moving truck be used for your specific needs. Of course, if you intend to contract out the entire move then your moving company will decide which of their vehicles most closely matches your own needs.

Decide on whether you need a moving truck for a one-way rental or a round trip, because your choice is going to affect the price and your truck company needs to know too. All moving truck companies will be only too pleased to assist you in selecting the right vehicle. They know how to calculate you total moving cubic mass and which vehicle is best suited.

Moving Truck Guide:
  • Pickups
    Ideal for small loads / home improvements.

  • Cargo Van
    Enclosed load bay but limited space means this one is good for studio apartment contents and small deliveries.

  • 10 foot Truck
    Good for larger studio or smaller apartment contents. Has low easy-loading deck and excellent fuel economy.

  • 14 foot Truck
    Handles the contents of a large two-bedroom apartment easily. Again with low deck that makes loading and unloading a breeze

  • 17 foot Truck
    This one is great for a two-bedroom home.

  • 20 foot Truck
    Perfect for the three-bedroom home.

  • 24 foot Truck
    Used for moving contents of a four-bedroom home.

  • 26 foot Truck
    This one will take the contents of a generous four-bedroom-plus home in style.

Note: All of the above available for hire on a standard driver's license.

Moving Trailer Guide:
There are a number of purpose-engineered moving trailer designs – here are a few of the more popular options:
  • Sport Trailer
    Aerodynamic enclosed design and can be towed by any car with a tow hitch.

  • 4 foot x 8 foot Cargo Trailer
    Fully enclosed but very lightweight makes this one extremely maneuverable.

  • 4 foot x 7 foot Utility Trailer
    Open trailer but lightweight and easy to hitch and tow.

  • 5 foot x 8 foot Cargo Trailer
    Very economical and one of the most popular trailer sizes.

  • Tow Dolly
    Designed for towing front wheel drive cars.

  • Auto Transportation
    This is for the long-distance move when you really don't want to drive your car or utility vehicle.

Some moving truck companies offer a special easy-to-use loading ramp at the rear of their vehicle. This can be of great assistance when it comes to loading and offloading heavy items as it facilitates safer and quicker handling. Keep in mind that if you intend driving your moving vehicle you will need to ensure that your driver's license entitles you to drive a specific class of vehicle. Requirements may vary from state-to-state too.

Always select the highest level of insurance available as it can make a huge difference if you should encounter the unexpected. It may prove cheaper to hire a van driver if the moving company has the option, because insurance loading is going to be much less for a trained truck driver who is familiar with the hire vehicle.

Most moving companies are flexible but it is important for you to know the terms and conditions applying in your agreement. Take time to read the small print thoroughly and do not be shy to seek clarification, especially if a particular clause or condition is confusing, or possibly even incorrect or not applicable.