What to Expect on Moving Day

Everything's packed up, and you are excited to move into your new home or apartment. You've located boxes, packed, hired reputable vanlines, but the question of how moving day will go down is still looming in the background. Follow Vanlines.com and our informative moving guide for no uncertainty on moving day.

Know the moving crew. Your movers should let you know when the moving crew will show up. If not, call them several days before the move. When they arrive, the driver/van operator is often the supervisor of the crew and the primary person you will deal with.

Make sure you have a written inventory. The moving company will prepare a written inventory of your goods, assessing each item's current condition and assigning it a number. Check the inventory carefully; its purpose is to ensure that all items arrive at your destination in the same condition in which they started. Your signature indicates your agreement with the inventory and the condition.

Let them load with their system. The movers start loading the moving van. Professional moving companies have a systematic process of loading your furniture and other items, and they load the truck from floor to roof like placing pieces in a puzzle. In order to prevent load shifting, they will fill every space so that your stuff is loaded tight.

Don't worry if your stuff appears to be mixed up on the truck it's done this way to get a tight fit in the van. You will tell the movers exactly where you want each piece placed once it gets to your new residence.

Stay out of their way but be available for questions. Let the movers do their thing and stay out of the way. That's why you hired them, right?

Read over the bill of landing. Once everything is loaded, the driver gives you the bill of lading, which lays out of the conditions of your move, your estimate and the expected delivery dates. Make sure you're satisfied before signing! You will sign the bill of lading again when you receive your items at your new home.

Know everyone's contact information. Reconfirm all contact information so you can get in touch on the road.