How to Have a Successful Move

Moving can be a difficult event in anyone’s life. Packing, getting organized and locating movers can be a tiring process. Follow our simple tips to make your moving day experience less stressful.

1. Make a checklist. Don’t wait too close to moving day to make your checklist. Give yourself enough time to think of everything you need to do leading up to your move. Some things can be taken care of ahead of the move, such as getting change of address forms. Make sure you have sturdy boxes to pack everything, and more than enough packing materials and packing tape for every box.

2. Arrange time for returns. Items like your cable box may need to go back to your service provider – make sure you give yourself enough time before moving day. Make sure you have also picked up things like your laundry or clothes from the dry cleaners. Have you lent anything to a neighbor or friend that you need to retrieve? How about your prescriptions? Make sure you have refills along with you.
3. Check-in with the movers. If you have hired professional movers to help you with your moving services, be sure and check with them the day before your move, just to make sure that everything is arranged correctly. If you are moving yourself, be sure to arrange for a rental truck or van ahead of time.

4. Remember the utilities. If you need to, be sure and arrange to have the utilities turned off at the old place the day after your move. Call ahead and arrange to have the utilities turned on in the new place the day before your move (if possible). This makes for a lot less headaches on moving day if you are slower than you thought you would be getting out.

5. Have a separate bag ready for your moving day essentials. Before you ever begin to pack, decide what you will need on moving day, and pack that up separately. Make sure to have plenty of water and snacks. Moving is hard work and you will need to stay hydrated and retain your energy. If you have children, be sure to have activities for them that don’t take up much room, and have plenty of snacks, water and toys for them. You will do well to have a flashlight along, just in case. Always keep your most important documents, such as your social security card, your credit cards and other important things with you.

6. Start packing. You will get a lot done if you pack up things like knick-knacks and pictures early. Just be sure to mark every box. You may think you will remember what is in each box when it comes time to unpack, but you probably won’t. Take enough cash out to see you through the move, and some extra in case of emergency.

7. Have one last look. Do a walk-through of the place after everything is on a truck, just to make sure you did not overlook anything. You should be ready for a very successful and stress-free move.  

If you have professional movers coming, you need to be sure to unplug all electronics before they arrive. You don’t want anything broken! Make sure that your valuables are somewhere safe.