How to Throw a Housewarming Party


Congratulations on your big move! Now that the moving companies have left, you are starting to unpack and get your house in order. As you’re settling into your new home, don’t forget the most important part – your housewarming party, of course!

A housewarming party is a great way to show off your hard work, and if you’re in a completely new neighborhood or city, it’s a good excuse to get to know your neighbors better. If you’re out of ideas, here are some great tips for throwing your housewarming party.

Basic Prep:
After moving into an entire household and getting everything in order, there’s no need to over prepare and throw the party of the century. Your housewarming should be relaxed, casual and be your time to spend with old friend and get to know new ones. Just create a general guest list and invite everyone via email or a call. You can send out invitations if you want to, but there’s no need to be formal. Just make sure you take note of how many people have said “Yes” so you can have an idea of how much food and drink to prepare.

Food and Drinks:
What you want to give your guests is up to you. If you just want to serve light food and some drinks, have an afternoon or after dinner party. You can have juice, cola, beer and wine ready, plus maybe some crackers, chips, pastries and light sandwiches. Don’t expect guests to bring wine or beer, unless you asked them to. If you want to show off your backyard, then have a barbecue! Have your hotdogs and burgers ready, plus one or two side dishes, plus the beer and cola. Or, it’s totally acceptable to ask to do a potluck, especially if you’re providing the drinks or the main dish.

Pre-Party Prep:
Make sure all the rooms in your new home or apartment are clean and that there are no lingering moving boxes on the floor. You’ll be giving tours of the house to your guests when they arrive. Prepare your food and drinks beforehand, so you know where to grab them when it’s time to refill, and keep some extras around so you don’t have to make trips to the store in the middle of the party. Outside, try to keep the street clear by parking your cars in the garage, so your guests will have a place to park. You can put some decorations outside so people know they’re in the right place – like ribbons or balloons, or a simple sign.

Party Time!
Expect everyone to arrive about 15 to 20 minutes after your start time (though expect one or two early birds). Welcome each guest as they arrive, and offer to take their coat or jacket (have one room for this.) Take them to where the food and drinks are, and if they don’t know anyone, do introduce them to everyone in the room. Of course, you’ll be expected to do a tour of your house. Rather than leading everyone who comes into the door around, you can do it in small batches, so that’s way it’s more manageable.

Don’t be too worried about things breaking or getting dirty – if you are, then don’t unpack those valuables or wait until after the party before getting your expensive rugs and furniture in. Most importantly, you should have fun at your housewarming party!

Spend this time with your friends and neighbors, and make them feel welcome in your new home.