Flat Rate Movers and Moving Companies Quote

The success of your move greatly relies on how you choose the moving company to assist you during the move and how you manage your finances. Overspending is the last thing you want to happen especially when you have little cash to spend. That is why it is important that you evaluate every possible way to efficiently manage your move by choosing flat rate movers.

Getting to Know Flat Rate Movers.
Flat rate movers are moving companies that offer services for an inclusive guaranteed fixed price given before the actual move. This moving service charges for packing, loading and unloading, moving, and unpacking. These services are assessed prior the move where the flat rate is determined. Unlike traditional movers offering hourly rates, you are not charged with additional fees after the move. But what really makes moving companies offering flat rate beneficial or disadvantageous compared to other movers?

Flat rate moving may perfectly and sufficiently fit your moving needs and preferences, especially if you have stringent budget or you are moving on difficult times. Distinct from other movers, they offer quite a number of advantages.

Flat Rate Movers are Convenient.
When you choose a flat rate mover you don't have to worry about the additional charges after the move. You will have the peace of mind that you're paying an exact amount for the whole moving process. Though, you may find the rate a little bit higher compared to hourly rate or per distance rate, you are sure to avoid drawbacks. In per hour or distance rate, the time covered by lunch breaks and snacks are included in your bill, unlike flat rate, you are assured that your items are transferred with minimum delay.

There are No Extra or Hidden Charges after the Move.
With a flat rate, movers will ask you details like the items you're moving, the place of delivery, and the particular moving services that you need. The movers then will provide a guaranteed fixed price for all the moving services before the move starts. This is binding regardless of the circumstances that may arise during the move. You will not be additionally charge for sudden increase in expenses arising from the transport or storage services. This assures you of a fixed budget when hiring a mover.

You Can Allocate the Exact Amount.
Making your moving finances is quite challenging. You need to allocate every dime efficiently especially if you're financial restraint or moving during hard times. Over spending may result to budget deficit and may compromise your other needs. Having an exact amount of moving charges will give you the chance to allocate your money efficiently. Without worrying of unexpected expenditures.

Knowing the advantages of flat rate movers is as important as knowing its disadvantages. Even if flat rate moving can provide you with the services you need. It can likewise present you some disadvantages. So before you finally decide, you may want to note some of the disadvantages of hiring flat rate moving companies. It takes quite a time to get a moving estimate.

Flat rate movers need to have a thorough evaluation of your items and other details of your planned move. The mover's representative need to assess the details like the distance of your new location, the number of large or bulky items, the drive way and the likes before they can provide you with the fixed amount. This usually happens after the moving company has actually visited your home.

Disassembling and assembling are usually not covered. More often moving companies offering flat rates don't cover or don't include in their services the assembling and disassembling of furniture and appliances. Hourly movers will be much glad to do them for you. Flat rate movers would usually covers only the packing, loading and unloading, and the transport of your items.