The Easy Guide to Packing for Your Move

If you're gonna read just one article on packing (and one article is generally more than most of us want to read about packing), make it this one. Take 10 minutes and learn a packing plan.


  1. Purchase all of your moving boxes, packing tape and magic markers. Also pick up a clipboard.

  2. In each room, pull together the boxes and packing tape that you'll need. If you have the space, put together the boxes -- just one less thing to worry about.

  3. Put a different color magic marker in each room. You use the magic marker to mark the boxes in that room, creating a 'color code' system for your movers -- red for bedroom boxes, blue for kitchen boxes, etc.

  4. On the clipboard, have a separate sheet of paper for each room.

Packin' Time

  1. In each room, first pack the things you don't use that often -- out-of-season sporting equipment, collectibles, etc.

  2. Using the designated color, label the first packed box "1" with a description of contents, the second box, "2," and so on. When you unpack, you'll tackle the higher-numbered boxes first -- these are the items you use more frequently.

  3. Pack each box full and seal it before doing the next box.

  4. On your clipboard write a detailed description of the box's contents and its number -- use this list to make sure each box was delivered; you can also use it to help you find things you need access to quickly to your new home.

  5. Pack a couple boxes a day so you don't get overwhelmed.

  6. Pack a separate box of items you'll need right away at your new home -- bring it with you in case you arrive before the moving company. (Also, be very careful when packing high value items, and maybe consider carrying these separately. And be aware of items you can not pack, like flammables.)


  1. Lay out rugs, and get the furniture and dressers where you want them in the home. Then start unpacking the boxes.

  2. Unpack the kids rooms first; your bedroom; and then the kitchen.

  3. Unpack the higher-numbered boxes first, and check each off your inventory.

  4. Unpack each box completely, break it down, and discard before moving on.