5 Tips for Moving with a Budget Moving Services Company

These days, with high gas prices, skyrocketing costs of living and taxes, can you really find such a things as budget movers? Saving on costs is no easy task, but it's not impossible. Today, people are trying to save money, and many long distance moving companies are working with customers to generate some business. If you do your research and sometimes, if you just ask, you can easily find a budget moving price that both you and your mover will be happy with. Here are some tips to help you find a budget moving company.

Tip #1: Start Early

As soon as you know that you must move, start looking for professional moving companies. Not only will this give you time to research multiple service options and moving rates, but you'll have an advantage over them. If you let the movers know that you're desperate, they'll use this as leverage and may try to increase their prices and charge you a rush premium. Of course, it's not always about taking advantage of you. If you need to move soon, that means they'll have to work overtime to get you ready on time, and that means skipping over other customers who may have booked weeks or months in advance. Always get a break-down of what a moving company quotes you for your move to make sure there are no unnecessary charges.

Starting earlier also means you can be more flexible. You can pick a day that's convenient for both you and your movers. That way, there's no reason to charge you extra fees for overtime or for rush fees.

Tip #2: Work With Local Budget Moving Companies

The big corporations are swallowing up those mom and pop shops, but you may still find a few local movers that provide lower estimates. These budget moving services businesses are usually much more flexible and may be able to work out a discount or payment plan. They will be able to understand your needs, rather than some big corporate machine that just cares about your money.

Tip #3: Pack Yourself

Many budget moving services simply offer the move and no added frills, but they can get the job done. One way many people who are moving throw away money is by paying for packing services. While you may not have the muscle or the trucks to move your things yourself, packing is something any healthy adult can do (or even have the kids help!) You can use old boxes that you've collected and pack up everything yourself. Just make sure you properly cushion and breakables and have the items clearly marked on the moving boxes as fragile so that your movers know and can take care of these items. If you've organized yourself well, then you can easily unpack your items yourself, once they've reached your new home.

Tip #4: Don't Store with a Budget Moving Company

You may find that your move out date doesn't coincide with your move-in date. Or, if you're moving across the country, you think you should stop off with the kids at Mount Rushmore and see some other sites, so you ask your movers if they can hold on to your stuff for a few days. Storage with budget moving companies can be expensive. That's because they might not have storage facilities, or they might charge your extra for moving your place from the truck to the storage, and back again. So, plan your vacation for next time, move your dates or store your things yourself in a self-storage facility.

Tip #5: Move Off-Season

Many people want to move during the summer because the kids are out of school or during the spring when the weather is better. Sure, moving when it's cold can be uncomfortable for you, but it can also be a great way to find cheap movers. In the off-season, movers aren't as busy and you can negotiate budget moving prices with them. That way, you can save a lot more than if you move in the summer.