Moving Boxes: What Works for a Small Move?


There are many different types of moves, some are big and some are small. If you don’t really have your own home, then most likely you won’t have a lot of things, and your move will be on a smaller scale. If you’re moving to a smaller home, maybe with a partner, you may find that you’ll may not be able to bring some of your things, and thus you won’t even have as much stuff. So, if you’re just doing a small move, you may be wondering what works for you?

New Boxes.
Since you don’t have a lot of stuff, you can get some brand new moving boxes. The great things about new moving boxes is that they come in all shapes and sizes and you can order them as you need them. You can get special clothes boxes with hangers, so all you have to do is transfer your clothes to the box, and then to your new closet, all without folding or having to iron or wash them again. You can get special boxes for china and wine glasses, ones that have cells so that each piece is cushioned and protected.

Used Boxes.

Of course, you can always get some used moving boxes from supermarkets and stores. You can get these for cheap or even free, as many businesses will be glad to get rid of the extra boxes they get every week. Try to talk to them before hand, so you can start collecting boxes a few weeks before. You can use them to pack away your non-breakables, like sheets, towels, pillows, books, papers etc. Of course, if you use enough cushioning, bubble wrap and other packaging material, you can use these for even your breakables; just make sure they are still in good condition, so you they don’t collapse.

Recycled Boxes.
With environmentally-friendly so hip these days, it’s no wonder that even moving can be green. To reduce your carbon footprint, you can use recyclable boxes. You can usually rent plastic boxes which are durable, and you can place many things in them when you move. Another great thing about using recyclable boxes is that you don’t worry about disposing of them later. You can just return them to the moving or box company. This will also be a great incentive to make sure you unpack all your things quickly, rather than keeping them in boxes for weeks. Perhaps, the best thing to do is a combination of new, used and recyclable boxes. Find the combination that works for you and your small move.