What are ICC MC Numbers?

Most likely you have seen lists of numbers on cabs, large trucks and moving trucks. One of these numbers may have been the ICC MC number. If you are hiring a moving company to help you move, or if you have some type of problem with a truck while driving, this number is key to identifying a truck or a car.

What are the ICC MC Numbers?

Previously to 1995, the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) was the main body that regulated transportation vehicles in the United States. In 1995, most of that responsibility was transferred to the Surface Transportation Board or STB. But the ICC MC number remained in effect after that transfer in order to identify and get pertinent information about the owner of the cabs of trucks.

The ICC MC number or the 'Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier' is especially important as it relates to long distance moving companies, because it was required for all movers that drove from one state to another. The interstate moving companies that display an ICC MC number have been in business since before 1995.

What are the regulations?

The regulations concerning an ICC MC number are quite stringent. They say what a truck can legally haul and what it can’t. For instance, a truck may be licensed to haul meat in a refrigerated truck, but not to haul any other product. Moving companies must be licensed to haul household goods in order to operate legally from state-to-state.

Any company that has been in business before 1995 must have its ICC MC number clearly displayed on its window. One thing this number will tell you immediately is that this company has been in business for many years. This may give you some added peace of mind because it lends some credibility to the company.

It is possible, of course, for a truck to display a counterfeit ICC MC number, and this is where writing the number down comes in handy. Also, if you have a problem with any truck on the highway, you can also write this number down. There is a place on the Internet where you can put the ICC MC number in and it will give you information about that company. It will tell you whether or not it is an active number, if that company is insured or not and it will give you the contact information for that company.

It is always important to protect your belongings and your money when moving. Be sure to ask a company for their ICC MC numbers and be sure to write it down - should anything happen to your belongings during the moving process.