How to Verify You Are Working With a Quality Moving Company?

Moving is a very hectic, expensive and most of all, a very important job. No one wants to hand over there moving to an inexperienced and unreliable long distance moving company. But how do you really find out if the mover you chose is the right choice? Follow our simple guidleline to locate the best mover to ship your belongings.

Ask for an in-house estimate. Start from the popular companies that have a good reputation. Ask the company to come over for an in-house estimate. Professional moving companies will want to come to your home in order to give you an accurate price of your move as well as see your belongings. Companies that refuse estimates are not reliable and should be avoided.

How did they introduce their services? The way a company introduces you to their service should be your first indicator of their professionalism. The company should mail or drop you a booklet that lists their rates, insurance information and other related info. They should also provide you with a booklet about “Your Rights and Responsibilities when you move.” This is actually required by law and it is important you have one from the company. Read this booklet carefully.

Check their background. Once you have had personal contact, initial information and basic documentation from the company, its time to check their records with the authorities. For this, visit This is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website for carrier license information.

Company information can also be viewed if through the DOT number of the company. The DOT and MC numbers of a company are related to their official license registrations. Ask the company’s salesman for the DOT number. On the website, when you enter the DOT number for the company, an information screen will show up with a report on the company.

Check the report for consistency of information. It should all be correct. Make sure the company is not out of service and their license has not expired. The “Power Units” field indicates the number of vehicles the company has. Also when you visit the premise of the company, see that their trucks have the company name on them. Companies that hire trucks from third parties may not have proper insurance coverage for your items.

On the SaferSys report, the “Auth for Hire” field should be marked ‘X’. If you are moving Interstate the company should also be authorized to move Interstate. Check the inspection records of the company as well. The best companies have favorable inspection records and a high national average score.

Verify references. The references that are given by the company are also an important source of information. Contact the references and get feedback about the company’s service.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. You should also check websites like the Better Business Bureau for where your potential mover ranks. Do not rely entirely on BBB ratings, but rather, use it as a resource in addition to your other checks.

After that extensive research, you should be able to locate a reliable moving company.