8 Mistakes People Make When Planning a Move

By VanLines.com Staff

Planning for moving is complex -- there are lots of changing parts, and one missed detail can derail an entire move. Here are the most common mistakes people make in the moving planning process.

  1. Not Having a Plan.
    You won't know where you're going to end up if you don't have a plan to get there. So be sure to map out every step of your move you're organized and not missing any details, from picking moving companies to planning your moving day.

  2. Buried in Paper.
    Moving companies have all sorts of special terminology -- know these so you know exactly what to look for as you plan your move. Terms you might not be familiar with include your order for service, which the movers give you after you hire them for the move; a bill of lading, which you sign after the movers load your items; and the inventory, which details all the things the moving company has loaded on the van -- it's crucial to check this list before signing.

  3. Changing Your Plan.
    Things always come up that you'll need to change. However, not telling your moving company could cause major problems. These includes extra items you want to bring, or different move dates or times. Especially crucial if you're moving with family.

  4. Packing Panic.
    Packing is usually stressful because people do it at the last moment. The remedy is simple: get a packing plan. This includes having all of your supplies bought well before you start packing and putting them in the right rooms. And be sure you label your boxes in a way that identifies what's a priority to unpack at your new home.

  5. Pets and Kids.
    They're great, but they get in the way, and moving day for pets and children can be dangerous. So see if neighbors or friends can watch them during the move. If that's not possible, identify a room in the new house that they can be in until the move is finished -- be sure you know which boxes have the toys so they get opened first.

  6. Not a Clue About Insurance.
    Many people assume they're covered by homeowners insurance or renters insurance -- don't assume that. Often these policies don't cover you or don't cover you fully, so ask your agent. You're covered minimally by your moving company, but it's minimal. Ask your moving company about more moving insurance coverage, or talk to an insurance company.

  7. Not Budgeting.
    Moving is expensive with lots of little charges that can sneak up on you -- know what these charges are and budget for them so you don't come as a surprise. 'Sneaky' costs can include auto transport, temporary living expenses while traveling, new insurance, and fees to set up your new utilities.

  8. Waiting Til the Last Second.
    Change your address, change over your utilities, transfer medical and dental records. It'll feel good to get them out of the way so you can concentrate on the other details of your move.