What are the Different Types of Moves?

No two moves are the same, and the most important factor in defining your move is distance. Some moves are only across town, while others travel over oceans. By defining exactly which type of move you will have, you can plan for an easier and better moving experience.

1. Local Moves:
Local moves are usually the simplest and cheapest since they cover a short distance. A local move consists of a distance you can travel in an hour or two, usually within a city or between a city and its suburbs. When moving locally, take full advantage of the shorter distance and moving time. If you are planning a self-service move, check into hourly and daily deals from truck rental companies – the advertised rates you see on the backs of trucks might actually be available to you. You can also consider a smaller moving truck, since it will be possible to make more than one trip in a single day’s move. For those choosing to hire a moving company, you can hire the movers by the hour, instead of by the day, for considerable savings.

2. Intrastate Moves:
Intrastate movers are those which require more travel time than a local move but still remain within a single state or major metropolitan area. You can expect a travel time between a few hours and a day for an intrastate move. This moving distance represents the practical limit for renting and returning a self-service moving truck to its original location, and the distances required might not make this the best plan. Multiple trips might still be possible, allowing for a smaller moving vehicle, but those trips may need to fall over several days. If you hire movers, you will find a great deal of choice available for your intrastate move. Local, regional and national movers are all possibilities for intrastate transport. 

3. Interstate Moves:
Whether you are moving a few states away or fully across the country, interstate moving will probably cost more and take more time than local and intrastate moves. If you want to rent a self-service moving truck, check with different companies for pricing on one-way rentals. The prices can vary greatly, and you might be able to find an unadvertised special for one-way rates. Many people find it preferable to hire a moving company for long-distance, interstate moves. In this case, contact several moving companies for rates, truck availability and regions covered. Rates will depend on how much you move and on the distance traveled. Call well in advance, especially for cross-country movers, in order to be sure that the company can match your schedule. The greater the distance of the move, the more likely it is that smaller local companies will not travel there. Remedy this by researching regional and national moving companies that specialize in distance moves. Keep in mind that you will be entrusting your belongings to the moving company for several days, so be sure to get references.

4. International Moves:
Moving internationally is in a completely different category. Many movers will not deal with international transit due to logistics, costs and time constraints. You will find the best service from those companies that specialize in international moving and have experience with its unique problems. Be sure to contact the companies several months in advance so that you have time to schedule and to shop around. Make sure that the moving company has experience shipping belongings to your specific destination, as all countries have different import and customs regulations. You will need to leave a significant amount of time for the completion of any overseas move – most movers ship by sea, and the travel plus customs time can take weeks or even months. Talk to your moving company and to others who have made similar moves to find out what you should expect.