Moving Help - Self Service Moving.

Moving can be very stressful. It can be one of your worst experiences especially if you have no one to help you out. Imagine packing all of your belongings - from the large and heavy appliances to the furniture to the plates and utensils and so on. During stressful times like this, it really pays to seek moving help. The question is how? You might be very hesitant to call your friends or relatives thinking that they might be very busy and all. Well, this shouldn't be the case. Family and friends are the best people to seek moving help from. By following these tips, you can get the whole group to help you out as you move!

Know who to ask.

So you plan to ask your friends to help you out. Who are these people? Before you call them, it is essential that you determine how many people you need to help you out and on what particular things do you need such help. For sure, you're thinking of getting help on packing your items. This is one of the hardest aspects of long distance moving. If you're moving with kids or your spouse, you might want to assign each one of them with a specific role when preparing for the move. If your kids are all big enough to pack their own items, you can let them clean their room and pack their belongings. This way, you can lessen the number of people to ask help from. You must also prioritize the people who don't have much work. Ask only the people you trust.

Establish a Moving Schedule.
You may want to pick weekends or holidays when your friends have more time to help you out. You must also inform them about the time and how long it will last to help you with your moving preparation. Close friends and relatives are always ready to help. Nevertheless, you must give importance and consideration to their schedules.

Show Gratitude.
This is the most important. Remember that these people might have more important things to do or some of them might be thinking of unwinding and enjoying their weekend. But then, they chose to come over and extend moving help. After helping you pack your belongings and in some other stuff, you don't want them to leave your home feeling stressed, tired, and hungry. You may want to prepare something special for them. The traditional bribes for moving help are pizza and beer. If you want, you can cook a sumptuous meal for all your friends and relatives who helped you out.

Take Part of the Workaround.
You and your family must be actively participating on the moving workaround. It isn't good to see that you are sitting couch potato while your friends are lifting this and that, wrapping this and moving that. If you're seeking moving help particularly in loading your household items to the truck, you may need to prepare the things before they arrive. This way, you can speed up the whole process and give them time to do their personal activities.

Say 'Thank You.'
A word of thanks is enough for true friends. Once you arrived to your new home, you might want to call each one who extended help and personally thank them. You can update them about your new home and the new place. If you don't have time to call or you haven't set up your phones service yet, you can just send them a message or email them perhaps. Hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to ask moving help. Till your next move!