How Does a Moving Company Determine Your Estimate?

By Dermound Becker
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When you have to move there is often a long list of things that you will have to do, and organize long before the actual moving date. This involves packing and in some instances buying a new home as well as locating schools, and new jobs. On top of that you will have to locate a reputable moving company who will be responsible for the transport of all of your belongings.

But before a mover hauls off your belongings you will need an estimate or a price of what the move will cost you. Moving estimates are based on a multitude of variables, which includes the amount of stuff you have as well as the distance of your move, which will allow your movers to determine how many trucks they will need as well as how long your move will take.

They will then calculate the mileage and factor in related costs such as fuel and wear and tear on their vehicle(s). Most moving companies charge a set rate per mile, but you must bear in mind that this segment of the quotation is based on a round trip (from base to your new location and back again), not just from your old home to the new one.

Another almost hidden charge is insurance for both the truck and its maintenance as well as insurance for your personal items. Added to this cost are insurance rates for Worker’s Compensation, just in case someone gets injured during the move.

Moving companies also offer packing and an unpacking services. Although generally quite an expensive luxury, it is a service that many people use when they don't have the time to pack or if they want their items to be professionally packed. Another great aspect of this service is that all your items will be unpacked in their designated rooms upon arrival and all packing materials and moving boxes will be removed, leaving you to simply arrange your home so that you make the transition to your new home quickly and easily with as little trauma as possible.

Moving can be a difficult process but a little preparation and planning will go a long way as well as finding out an estimated cost of your move before you work with a moving company.