What are the Different Types of Moving Estimates?

At Vanlines.com, we emphasize the importance learning about the intricacies of the moving industry such as obtaining moving estimates. However, many times prospective movers don't get an estimate and this moving mistake will cost you. Take it from some recent complaints: “The quote I received over the phone changed," “I was told one price online and it doubled on moving day" and perhaps the worst one yet, "I didn't receive a moving estimate." Trust us, you don’t want these unfortunate situations to happen to you and better yet, they don’t have to especially thanks to the moving estimates where a mover comes to your home, assess your belongings and determines a price -- in writing. This written price can be binding, binding not-to-exceed and non binding – let’s learn what each of these terms means to ensure a smooth and price-guaranteed move.

Non-Binding Estimate:
As the name indicates, this estimate is not bound by a contract it is rough estimate of what your move might cost. So, on moving day what the movers predicated may be lower than this amount or higher – there is no way of actually knowing the cost until moving day. Not exactly the best option; however some companies use non-binding estimates like this. Since it gives you a rough estimate, you should factor in additional costs.

Binding Estimates:
While the estimate you are given with a non-binding agreement is uncertain, receiving a binding agreement will give you a more accurate amount of what you will pay. With this estimate, the cost of your move will not increase, even if (on moving day) the movers determine that the actual weight is above what was estimated. However, if the weight of your shipment is below the estimate, you still have to pay the contracted price. Although a bit up in the air of what the actual cost may be, it gives you a fairly accurate amount of what your move will cost – making planning your move and budgeting easier.

Binding Not-To-Exceed:
Considered the best estimate to receive, binding not-to-exceed estimates are popular with long distance moves, but not as much with local movers since these moves are more time-sensitive moves. With this estimate, movers are bound by the price you receive and if the items are less than what was estimated the cost will be lowered.

With any estimate you receive, be sure to tell the moving company about every single item that you need moved – leaving no mystery – which can affect your overall cost on moving day.

Although, anything can happen and prices can increase, it is crucial to have a written estimate before you move with the most accurate amount. We promise this will help you to stay organized during this somewhat hectic process.