Furniture Movers - Moving Companies

Moving can be a humongous task, as there's just do many things to do. Aside from finding a new home and selling your old home, there's everything in between - getting your old home packed, moved out, moved in and unpacked. You've probably collected a lot of things over the years, everything from clothes to knickknacks and of course, your furniture. If you're looking for some help and are hiring furniture movers, then you have to make sure you hire ones that are not only affordable, but are reliable and trustworthy. So, before, during and after your move, here are some of the things you need to tell your furniture movers.

Tell Them How Much Furniture You Have:
If you're looking for some furniture movers, you'll want to get quotes from different companies. However, part of getting an accurate moving quote is giving them accurate information. If possible, give them a complete list of all the furniture in your home that needs to be moved. Go around your home and make a list and send copies to the different companies. That way, you can get a good quote, and they can't complain that you have more furniture and try to charge you more money.

Tell Them If You Have Special Furniture:
Many furniture movers expect the usual - beds, dressers, couch, entertainment systems, dining tables, but you may have some other special items, like antique armoires, china crystals, glass cabinets, patio furniture or other overly large items. This may require extra care and special handling, and you may be charged for this. Telling them about any special furniture will make sure you are prepared for the costs and that they bring any special equipment for the move.

Tell Them Where Your New House Is.
Of course, giving them your address is important, so make sure you give detailed directions. Ask your moving company if they have GPS or if the moving trucks are tracked, so you'll know that if they do get lost, they can easily find their way to your knew home.

Tell Them Where Everything is.
Once the furniture movers come to your door, give them a tour or better yet, a simple map of your home. This may seem silly, but it will help them organize. They can plan the move and decide how to efficiently move out all of your furniture and put them in the trucks.

Tell Them Where Everything Goes.

Another way you can help your furniture movers is to let them know where your furniture should go. That way, they won't get lost or put the wrong furniture in the wrong place (and save you the time and effort to have to move it yourself.) There are several ways you can do it:
  • Color coordinate. You can do this by placing a color sticker or tying a colored string around each piece of furniture, with one color corresponding to a room (green for the living room, blue for guest room, red for master bedroom, etc.) Then, tell the movers what color goes where, or simply put the same color marker outside the room so they can place them accordingly.

  • Map it out. Create a floorplan map of your new home and mark it clearly. You can also do this along with the color coordination idea by coloring each room in the maps (have the kids help!).

  • Make signs outside each room. "Living Room"; "Guest Bedroom"; "Nursery", etc.

  • Direct them as they move in each piece. This can be time consuming, but if you didn't have the time to plan, make maps or color coordinate, then this is the easiest.
Making sure your furniture movers have the necessary information is important, as it saves time, and in turn, saves you money.