Moving During the Busy Season: How to Make Sure You Get the Best Deal

The summer months are traditionally the busiest time of year for moving companies. With the break from school, moderate whether, and the end of many rental leases, it is no surprise that May 15 through September 15 is an attractive time for people around the country to move. When possible, it is always best to avoid the busy season; it is not only the most expensive time to move, but also the most common time to run into scheduling difficulties. Of course, there are situations when avoiding the busy season is simply impossible. For those of you who must move during the summer months, here are few tips to help assure you get the best deal during the peak moving season.

Get there first.
Scheduling your moving date early is never more important than during the summer months. Consider contacting van lines or moving companies as much as six weeks from the date of your move. Waiting until the last minute will not only lead to higher moving cost, but may also lead to scheduling difficulties. Try to provide the moving companies with as much notice as possible, especially if you are moving during the busy season as noted above. It is best to decide on a mover at least four weeks prior to your actual moving day. Once you have made a decision on a mover, contact the company to confirm your booking and schedule your packing, loading and delivery dates.

Shop around.
During these busy times, moving companies will often raise their rates due to the inflated demand for their services. To avoid being stuck with a larger than necessary bill, be sure your fist call is not your only call. Contact at least three moving companies and request a moving estimate. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and provide specifics details on your moving needs. Do not forget to inquire about any current promotions, and ask for suggestions on how to cut cost and open up additional availability. Tip: Moving companies often charge more for their services at the end and beginning of the month and on weekends. Do your best to avoid these days when scheduling your move.

Do what you can on your own.
To save money during the hectic peak moving season, consider taking care of some of the moving duties yourself. Handling the lesser tasks such as packing and moving your smaller possessions, will not only save you money, but is also likely to make available service dates that would otherwise be unattainable. There are limitations, however, that come along with packing yourself. For instance, insurance through your moving company is typically only offered when the movers pack your belongings themselves; not to mention the time you will have to dedicate to getting the job done yourself. Nonetheless, putting aside just a little time to knock out a few small tasks will help make your move simpler and save you money in the end, particularly during these busy, peak moving seasons.