Last-Minute Moving List


How exciting; it's your moving day! While you’ve probably taken care of the big things, like moving your furniture, breakables and your appliances, you might have left out some things. So, here’s your last-minute moving list to help you ensure you don’t forget anything.

Packing the Kitchen:
You’ve made arrangements to get your pots, pans plates and maybe even your grandma’s wedding china safely to your destination, but you may have forgotten about a couple of things, mainly, the dinnerware you need to eat on before you leave and the food itself. A week before moving, you need to start planning. First, try not to buy any more perishables. Hopefully, before moving day, you’ve been using up as much food items as you can to help lighten the load. Also, you’ll have to eat and make dinner before you leave so make sure you leave plates, forks, knives, spoons etc. on hand and don’t pack them up.

Laundry Room:
Your washing machine and dryer are already loaded up by the long distance moving company and making their way to your new house, but what about your laundry accessories? You might have forgotten about your laundry baskets, soaps, softeners and dryer sheets. Make sure you make a place for these or in the weeks before you move, use it up so you don’t have to carry it with you – you can always buy more in your new neighborhood. Also, you’ll have to leave some towels behind so you can shower, plus remember your dirty clothes you won’t be able to wash once the movers have carted away the washer and dryer.

You have to make sure to change your mailing address for the things you get regularly, like bills and subscriptions. You can also get your mail forwarded to your new address; all you have to do is fill up a form at the post office. However, most people don’t know that this is a temporary measure. The post office will forward your mail for about a year. You’re expected notify all the companies and people who mail you to send it to your new address within the year or you’ll have to keep filling up the forwarding form each year.

Don’t leave your money behind! If you bank with a local credit union and they don’t have a branch where you are, you have to make arrangements to have your savings, checking accounts and other accounts to your new bank. If you bank with a national bank, you still have to.

Important Papers:
In your rush to get the big things done, don’t forget the small but important things - even more so than moving services! Make sure you have all you documents with you – marriage and birth certificates, school records, medical records etc. and don’t put these in the moving van. Make sure you have these with you or move them to a safety deposit box at your bank.