Readers Respond: Howd You Make Moving Day Less Stressful? Editor's Note: When you move, who's better to offer advice than someone who just moved?

We agree. So we surveyed readers who recently moved, and asked them about how they reduced stress on their moving day. Here are some of their replies:

"Had everything packed ahead of time."

"Make sure you hire right professional movers and pay them appropriate cost. We expect courtesy from them but we also need to be courteous to the staff as this is very hard labor job."

"I pre-moved and painted some rooms ahead of time."

"I just did my thing inside the house and let them do their job."

"Wrote love notes to my wife on all the boxes."

"We made our moving day less stressful by hiring movers."

"Kept a constant pace.  Didn't try to rush anything.  Sometimes you have to stand back and take a break to see the bigger picture."
"I left the guys alone and let them do what they do best."

"Having boxes labeled well, and grouped together by what room they go in."

"We began packing, small amounts every day, beginning 2 months before the move.  There was less to do at the end and we were more organized."

"By planning little details well in advance, by booking a time slot at the new place for moving, by keeping plenty of buffer time and by not leaving many things for the last minute."

"Find a good mover.  Pack well in advance.  Don't let the movers use their own tapes and packing material."

"Have everything boxed the day before. You don't want to be working at the same time the movers are there."

"Believing that when the head guy said he would make sure everything would be OK."