Learn How to Pack Washing Machine

Take care of packing and moving large appliances, including washing machines -- they're heavier than they appear, and can be cumbersome to move. 

The following items will be needed to secure your washing machine for moving:

  • Tape
  • Rope and large pads.
  • Some towels, linens, clothes and stuffed animals for washing machines.

  1. Finish doing all your laundry a couple of days before your moving day.

  2. Drain all water out of washer. Tip the washer sideways to empty out remaining water from the water hose, if possible. Then clean the interior with a towel.

  3. Take out all accessories and fittings and put them in a plastic bag. Pack them in a box and mark it.

  4. Stuff towels between the washing machine sides and the tub to keep the tub from rotating.

  5. Fill the basket with clothes, linens etc. Also include a box of baking soda to cut down on mildew (make sure not to tear open the top of the box).

  6. Tape the lid and electrical cord.

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