Learn How to Pack Food

Never pack or move perishable or frozen food! Dry food is OK. (See this article for other items you should not pack.)

The following items will be needed to secure your dry food for moving:
  • Tape.
  • Book boxes (1.5 cubic feet), medium boxes (3.0 cubic feet).
  • Blank white newsprint paper.
  • Plastic bags

  1. All boxes dry food should be packed in medium boxes.

  2. Put all open boxed dry food in a plastic bag and tape it.

  3. All jars and canned goods should be packed in book boxes.

  4. All jars must be packed in a plastic bag.

  5. Cushion the box with the jars with white newsprint paper and fill in the sides with paper.

  6. Tape shut the box and mark "Fragile".