Learn How to Pack Cups & Glasses

The following items will be needed to secure your glass and cups for moving:
  • Blank newsprint paper, Bubble Wrap®, Styrofoam peanuts.
  • Dish pack box (5.2 cubic feet)
  • Tape.

  1. Wrap each piece of glassware or cup in piece of bubble wrap and tape it. You may use blank newsprint paper instead of Bubble Wrap®, but be careful that the newsprint doesn't smudge.

  2. If you will pack the glasses and cups in one box then skip to step (3.) If you will pack them with other items you should place them on top.

  3. Prepare a box and put a layer of wadded newsprint paper or peanuts on the bottom of the moving boxes for cushion.

  4. Place wrapped cups or glasses on upright position as if you were placing them on the table.

  5. Place a layer of cardboard and another layer of packing material on top and the sides. Fill sides with peanuts or newsprint. You may also use dividers between cups and glasses (ask your mover for availability of product).

  6. Keep layering until you've reached the top. Tape shut the box and mark "Fragile – Cups/Glasses."