Learn How to Pack Bureaus

You might be able to leave clothes in the bureau drawers -- ask your moving company about their rules for that. Make sure that all other items are removed from the drawers to prevent damage. Use moving boxes to pack all items you wish to remove from the drawers. You may want to leave bureau drawers partially full fort the move – the bureau may be too heavy.

The following items will be needed to secure your bureaus for moving:
  • Rope or tape.
  • Large padding or old blankets.

  1. If you wish to leave clothes in the bureau then skip to step 3.

  2. If you wish to remove items from the drawers then pack them in the appropriate boxes. Refer to our packing menu for tips.

  3. Don't tape the drawers shut – it could stick to the finish.

  4. Tie or tape a large pad or old blanket around the bureau.