Learn How to Pack Small Appliances

If you're planning to move small kitchen appliances such as blenders and toasters or other small appliances, read the following instructions.

The following moving supplies will be needed to secure your appliances for moving:
  • Blank newsprint paper or towels and linens
  • Medium size boxes (3.0 cubic feet)
  • Do not use peanuts or shredded paper that could get into the machines and cause damage.

  1. Clean and dry all your appliances.

  2. Tape the bottom of the box securely and pad the bottom with blank newsprint paper (wadded up, not shredded) or your towel or sheets.

  3. Put the appliances in and pad them well all around with your packing material or with towels or linens. Put in two or three appliances to a box, if you can fit them in.

  4. Put another layer of packing material or towels or linens on top, seal the box, and mark it "Kitchen Appliances."

See this article for moving large kitchen appliances.