Where to Get Rid of Your Junk Before Moving Day

Now that you are moving you are suddenly faced with a lot of stuff that you no longer need or have use for. Getting rid of your old junk is not only important for the packing process, but having less stuff is sure to save you money on your moving expenses such as boxes and the fees from your moving company -- not to mention a great way to start fresh in your new home.

Sell the junk. Even though you have no use for your old computer, your sofa, books or jewelry they might be valuable and can bring a little money your way if you sell them. Post an advertisement in your local newspaper or on Craigslist as well in your local community center (gyms, health clubs, etc) and on social networking sites. You might even want to send an email to friends and family listing your items for them to buy or as a way for them to pass along what you are selling.

Have a party. With all the moving madness, a party in the mist of the stress, may be just want you need. Not only is a way to say goodbye to friends and family members, this type of party is a great way to also give away your stuff. Arrange and label boxes of your items and let your guests know that they can take anything that they see. You can even make it any exchange or swap amongst your guests where they bring items that they don’t want for others to take a look at and possible take home. Try not to take anything yourself, since you are trying to rid yourself of junk before you move.

Donating may be best. In some instances, going to the effort to post and ad or have a party won’t triumph dropping off your old items to Salvation Army in one visit. In this case, organize your items by type in boxes or bags for a tax-deductible donation. Some charities may even come to your home for a pick-up. Great resources are the Goodwill, Purple Heart, Salvation Army and the website Freecycle.com.

Toss, if necessary. While we don't recommend throwing out something like your old electronics; sometimes old items can't be sold or donated. If you have an old t-shirt with stains and holes or a toy with a lot of missing pieces, it might be best to toss them. Most likely, you will know what items have some sort of value or those that should simply be disposed of.