Learn How to Pack Kids Toys, Books etc.

If you're moving with your family, the following items will be needed to secure your kids' toys, books, etc. for moving:
  • Blank newsprint paper.
  • Medium boxes (3.0 cubic feet), large boxes (4.5 cubic feet).
  • Tape.
  • Plastic bags.

  1. Pack your kids' room last if they are small (ages five years and under).

  2. Older children (ages five years and older) advance time to pack their rooms. Help your kids with packing and it is also a good time to talk about moving and their feelings about leaving friends' school, etc. This will offer them comfort and feelings to ease the moving and transition process.

  3. Pack the toys in boxes with some wadded newsprint or clothes to fill spaces. All fragile toys can be wrapped in extra clothes and in wadded newsprint paper.

  4. Let your kids some of the items they wish to take in the car or in the carry-on bag. Also ask them to think about their new room and where they'd like to place their things.

  5. Drain water from squirt guns and seal paints and other messy materials in bags or containers.

  6. Pack all items in appropriate boxes and have your kids seal the boxes and write their names or let them decorate their boxes.

Moving is also a good time to consider giving stuff away that your kids no longer play with. See this article for other tips on moving with children, including how to tell children they've moving.