Packing Advice When Moving into an Apartment

Moving into an apartment is an exciting venture for a young adult. Whether you are moving in with roommates or renting alone, you will have to locate moving companies, pack up your belongings and organize your items in your new place. Here are some tips on how to successfully pack into an apartment.

The first step is to organize and start developing a packing plan. You are going to have to be logical when it comes to deciding what to take and what to get rid of. Items that you no longer need (or have use for) should be donated, sold or given to friends or family members. This will help lower your moving day expenses as well as ensure that you aren't going into your new apartment with any clutter. If there are things that you simply can’t part with but also can’t fit into the new place, you may want to consider obtaining a storage facility.

The next thing you should do is to know the measurements of each room your new place. This will allow you to plan if you know exactly how much room you will have. How much storage space is in the new apartment? How much cupboard space you have in the kitchen will dictate just how much of your kitchen stuff you can take along. If you are pressed for room, then cut down on the amount of dishes and pots and pans you take. Is there a linen closet for your linens? If not, then you are going to have to find a new place to put them, and cutting down on the amount will be necessary.

If you are going into a roommate situation, you may be able to eliminate some things because the roommate will have the same things. Items like blenders, toasters, TVs and the like are not things you need two of in a new place. Remember when you are deciding if you are going to use their things or your own, if they move out then you won’t have those items anymore. You might want to use your own in the new place, or store those items in case you need them down the line for any reason.

Once you are fairly sure what you are taking with you, organize things into piles that correspond with the different rooms. Pack all of your kitchen items together, for instance, and all the bathroom things in their own box. Clearly label each box and then seal them up with quality packing tape. Sealing up the boxes as you pack them can help you to resist the temptation to add things to those boxes later on.

Keep it simple and logical, and your exciting move to your new apartment will surely be a successful one.