Learn How to Pack Paintings

The following items will be needed to secure your paintings -- see this article for packing other types of artwork:
  • Tape
  • Blank newsprint paper or Bubble Wrap®
  • Mirror, picture boxes

  1. If your painting is framed with glass put masking tape across the front of the painting like an X to keep the pieces in place in case the glass cracks or breaks.

  2. Cover the framed painting or canvas with Bubble Wrap® and tape it closed.

  3. If you are packing a painting with glass then put the painting in a picture, mirror box and if it fit loosely in the box, fill in the spaces with lightly wadded newsprint paper. If two boxes are needed for the painting then put the second box on top of the other by telescoping them together and fill spaces with lightly wadded newsprint paper.

  4. If you are packing a canvas painting (no frame, no glass), wrap the box in Bubble Wrap® again, tape it, then build a second box for the first box. Your chances of sharp objects puncturing the box and canvas during the move are slim.

  5. Tape the box or boxes shut and mark it "Fragile- Art."