Learn How to Pack Lamps

The following items will be needed to secure your lamps and lampshades for moving:
  • Blank newsprint paper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts.
  • Medium boxes (3.0 cubic feet), large boxes (4.5 cubic feet), dish pack boxes (5.2 cubic feet).
  • Tape

  1. Take the land shade off the lamp. Handle shades only by the wire frames. Take the light bulbs and harps off lamp and pack them separately.

  2. Lampshades should be packed singlely in appropriate box or nested in one box separated by blank white newsprint paper. Prepare moving boxes with some wadded blank newsprint paper on bottom. Put the shade or shades in the box; be careful not to put too much paper. Lampshades could dent easily, cushion loosely

  3. Wrap cord around lamp and wrap lamp with blank newsprint paper or bubble wrap. You may place the lamp in a box with peanuts

  4. Tape shut the box and mark "Fragile – Lamp".