Learn How to Pack Clothing

Before packing your clothes for moving you should get rid of clothing that you will never wear. You may not need some clothing when moving to a different climate region that may not require clothing used at the present region, such as moving from colder region to a year round warm climate.

The following items will be needed for moving your clothes:
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Suitcases.
  • Medium (3.0 cubic feet) and large boxes (4.5 cubic feet).
  • Tape.

  1. Use wardrobe boxes for clothes from your closet. If the boxes have some space on bottom, consider filling it with lightweight items.

  2. Pack clothes from bureaus, dressers, chests in boxes or suitcases so they won't be too heavy to move

  3. Tape shut the box and mark "Clothing" with the person's name, or the room where the box will go in your new home.