Learn How to Pack Books

Before starting the packing of books, it is a good opportunity to reevaluate the books you would like to keep. Keep in mind that books can be heavy and it will increase the weight of your load, thus increasing your transportation cost. Consider selling some books at a yard sale, donating them to charity, or selling to a secondhand bookstore.

The following items will be needed for moving your books:
  • Book box
  • Tape

  1. Never pack books in a box that is bigger than 1.5 cubic feet (book box). It's a common moving mistake to pack books in a large box -- the box quickly becomes too heavy to lift.

  2. Prepare a book box for packing.

  3. Stack books together, pack upright with open edges and bound ends alternating. Fill in small spaces with smaller books.

  4. Close and tape shut the box and mark it