What are the Different Types of Moving Boxes for Moving?

When moving you will have to pack up your all of your belongings and place them into their appropriate-sized moving box. Moving boxes come in all sizes ranging from small to medium to large. The smallest moving box measures 16x10x10 and is perfect for most of your smaller stuff. Then you have medium boxes, which measure at 18x14x12. These are ideal for books, collectables and kitchenware. Large boxes, measuring at 20x20x15, are designed to carry clothes and bedroom items but not overly heavy or bulky goods. Extra large boxes are perfect for larger but lighter items such as blankets, comforters, lamps and pillows – they measure 23x23x16. Finally, there is a range of specialty moving boxes designed for wardrobes, heavy duty kitchen goods.

Moving Supplies:
To use boxes correctly you need a set of packing and moving materials. This includes packing tape and dispenser, bubble and stretch wrap, packing paper, mattress covers and moving blanket/pads to cushion and protect your goods. You will also need a couple of permanent markers so that you can label and keep track of all your stuff.

How to Pack Your Boxes:
Boxes do not work properly if used incorrectly. Use the right moving box – check with your supplier if in doubt. With care and planning as you pack, your stuff should arrive at your destination in good condition. Remember that most damage occurs from friction and vibration. Pack sensibly and pad or cushion where necessary. Do not overload boxes as this is looking for trouble if they fail. Finally, seal your boxes properly with heavy-duty packing tape. Remember to tie items with handles like mops and brooms together to ensure they travel well.

Using Moving Boxes Wisely:
It is better to pack one room at a time. When packing, remember to clearly label boxes with a description of their contents, and where they should be placed by movers in your new home. You should also pack a separate bag containing everything that you are going to need immediately you arrive so that you can find essential medications and have paperwork handy.

Sturdy moving boxes are essential for a successful move. Make sure they are sealed properly and labeled so that your goods make it to your destination in the best shape.