Moving Boxes and Packing Tips

Moving homes can be a challenge for any homeowner. It simply isn’t easy to sweep up your belongings into moving boxes and cart them away into trucks. So, whether you’re a seasoned mover or a newbie, here are some packing tips to help you out.

Saving money on boxes.
Moving services can be expensive, from the cost of a new house to paying your movers, so you should try to save (but not cut corners) where you can. For your non-breakables, you should consider using old boxes. You can start collecting these way in advanced, maybe a few weeks or months before your move. You can also go to supermarkets or stores and ask if you can take some old ones from them. They may be happy to have you take them off their hands, instead of spending money to get rid of them.

If you want to save money and the environment, you may want to consider renting plastic crates. Ask you long distance movers if they offer such a service. Renting crates can be cheaper than buying new ones and they’re much better for Mother Earth.

Packing Up.
Once you have the materials on hand (including packing materials, tape, markers, etc.) you can start packing up. Do it one room at a time, because that will make it easy to unpack later on. Write a packing list of what’s inside, and stick it to the box – it doesn’t have to be detailed either, just write “pots” or “towels” or something like that. That way you won’t be scrambling around for them later on.

For fragile items, make sure that you put enough cushioning to protect them from breaking. Wrap each individual item in tissue before you put them in the boxes.

Moving in.
To help you unpack, instruct your movers to put the boxes in the appropriate room. This usually is no problem with the movers, just as long as you have a system to make it easy for them. Have a map of the floor plan of the house to guide them, or make it even more foolproof by marking the boxes with colored stickers and giving each room a corresponding color so all they have to do is place the boxes in the correct room.

Prepare for your first night.

After the big move, it may take a few days before you fully unpack. Make sure you have essentials with you for a few days – clothes, linens, personal items, even non-perishable food to help you make a few meals while you unpack and decorate your new home.