Family Guide: Trip to Your New Town

Take a trip to your new town. It may be helpful to visit the new church or synagogue and introduce your family to the priest or rabbi and inquire about youth related activities the church operates. The mall is a very important place for young people especially teenagers, they meet with their friends and shop and begin to feel independent for the first time so it may be useful to drive by or visit any malls in the new area in which you will be living. Seeing and knowing what they can expect can reduce the level of anxiety and lessen the stress level they are most likely experiencing.

Now, check out the new neighborhood.

Next, visit places especially geared toward children such as sports clubs like the YMCA or Boys or Girls Clubs. Find out if there is a local swimming pool, basketball court or track. There may be an ice rink or baseball field near your new home also so try to find out these things before you move if possible, your kids will thank you.

Once you move try to reestablish their routines as quickly as possible on arrival at your destination especially their recreation and sport routines. It will take them time to adjust, probably longer than you have anticipated so getting routines established as soon as possible is key to beginning the process of getting settled in. Keep a close eye on how your children are settling in when you move. It may take up to a year before your children feel really settled in and if it is taking longer talk to them and consider getting professional help if needed.