Family Guide: How to Break the Moving News to Your Family

Moving is often considered one of the most stressful activities that an individual goes through. For adults, it is often a time of uncertainty and financial strain; and for children it can take them out of normal surrounding and comfort zone. Even family pets are affected as they also have to get used to new surroundings.

When moving to a new city or town, psychologists suggest that parents tell children of the move right away in order to discuss how the changes will affect the children as well as give children enough time to deal with their emotions. This also allows them to process this event and ask questions such as where will they go to school, what is their new like and where will they live.

Out of all the members of a family, children are the ones who will suffer the most during move, especially if they have been in the same home since birth. They will have grown up in one area and have gone to the local school, made friends there and become accustomed to the teachers, the school rules and the routes to and from the school. For them, even just the thought of moving away from everything that they are comfortable with is devastating. Also, they will have made other friends while partaking in activities such as sports, ballet or music lessons and they will be leaving them behind too when moving to a new home.

It is therefore considered appropriate when deciding on how to break the moving news to your family to explain to the children clearly the reasons why the move has to be made. Depending on their ages, appropriate language should be used so that they understand exactly why the family is moving and that the move is not being made because of anything that they may have done.

Moving is also difficult on adults - even if they are the ones that made the decision to move. Apart from leaving their friends, if they are employed they will also be leaving colleagues and, above all, a job they are used to doing in a place where they have become used to the systems and rules.

Moving is also an expensive and time consuming activity in itself. Packing up everything in the present home which is to be moved to the new location is exhausting, unless you are able to afford professional movers to do the job. It can also be an emotional experience if one has to throw or give away items which cannot be taken to the new home. It is important for children that all their possessions are taken to their new home, to create a small sense of stability in their new and unfamiliar surroundings.