Preparing Your Kids for Your Move

If you think your children are not affected by moving then you better read this article and help your kids adjust to the idea of moving. Moving never comes easy to anyone especially to your kids. It might be very difficult for them to leave their friends behind or attend to a new school. Getting to know what to do to keep your kids less stressed before and after the move is very important.

Talk to your kids weeks before the move. No matter what the reason you have why you have to move, your kids may not understand it. The best way to help them adjust on the idea of moving is to talk and try to explain to them as honestly as possible. May it be because of a new job offer, or for better opportunity for the whole family, they may not understand it right away. Try to give plain and honest answers as much as possible. Be sensitive to both the positive and negative reactions from your kids. There is no better way to prepare your kids but to keep an open communication with them.

Make them feel they're part of the move. Kids may feel that they're forced with the idea of moving. They might think that they're not part of the decision-making. Make sure that you include them during the planning. You can ask them about their opinion. You may also want to ask them to plan how they want their room to look like. In this way they have something to look up to. They'll be more excited rather than afraid of the idea of moving. You may also want to get them involve during the search for their new school or during the site visits when choosing a new home. They can easily adjust with the move if they feel they're part of it.

Give them tasks and make them feel important. You may want to assign tasks they need to accomplish before, during, and after the move. The idea is to keep them busy and involve throughout the moving process. You may want to let them pack their own toys, books, and other personal items. Make sure that you'll always be available in case they need your assistance. You may want to keep an eye on the progress of their tasks. You may also want to keep it light by making delicious snack for your kids while preparing for the move, or try to have some fun while doing all the preparation.

Always check on what they think and how they feel. It might be very hard for them to leave the old place, their friends, and their school. You may want to regularly check on how they feel. Be sensitive on their emotions and moods. You may want to ask them about the things they'll miss particularly in the old place and help them get over it. You may want to help them plan for a simple send-off party with their close friends. In this way they'll not be too focus on the move.