Moving with Small Kids: What Issues Will You Face?

When moving with small children you often get the response, "Moving with kids is difficult, good luck with that" and you may need the luck but there are several very good strategies that you can employ to make your moving process smooth and stress free.

Tip 1. Find a way to distract the kids:
Before your moving companies arrive you will want your small kids both understand why you are moving as well as have a smooth transition when the actual move arrives. During this time, you will (likely) need your kids out of the way so that you can pack and organize your belongings. There are a lot of ways to do this and two of our favorites are to either get them out of the house by having an outing with a babysitter or a family member or to get them involved in the moving process.

Getting them involved is pretty simple, a reasonably clever two-year old can pack his bedroom (albeit slowly) but slow can be in your favor here. The longer you can keep them going on one project the more time you have to focus on packing. Don't think that you have to give them completely legitimate jobs either. Popping all the bubbles on a sheet of bubble-wrap is a good job for a small child - if you can stand the sound.

Tip 2. Get help on the big day:
This is a big one, if you can find people who will help you on moving day you've already gotten through half the battle. It's a lot closer to a pleasant process if you have some friends there to laugh with. Switch off with who's on watching the kids duty and get as much done as you can. Be willing to reward your loyal workers (and your kids) with food.

Tip 3. Pack your kids rooms last and unpack them first (or better yet, have them unpack them):
Fighting with a small child who feels like his home is being uprooted is very difficult and the longer you can make home feel like home and the sooner you can make the new house feel like home the happier you all will be. If you can't get to the unpacking immediately make it a game with your little ones where you camp out in pillow and sheet tents. Watch kiddie movies with them - anything to make them comfortable with the moving situation.

When moving with small children think about being patient and clever. Before you know it you will be in your new home - safe and sound!