How to Locate a Family Dentist in Your New Hometown

Congratulations on your recent moving experience. You and your family must be so excited to finally unpack those boxes as you start to settle into your new home. Another component of the settling in process is discovering your new neighborhood -- as you get to know where the best grocery stores are and what services you need. Dental is one of the most important services you should  find right away and knows just how you can to locate one in your new area.

1. Dental recommendations. If you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member in your new town, then ask them about their dentist – the good, the bad and the ugly. Ask them about their experiences with their dentist and what services and specialties they provide. After all, a pediatric dentist provides a very different than a cosmetic dentist.

2.  Search for a dentist. If you are brand new to the area, you are going to have to do a little bit of work to locate your new family dentist. Look through your local phone book or through a reputable dental website such as where you can search for local dentists in your area. Find three to five dentists that you are interested in learning more about.

3. Research a dentist. Don’t just rely on address information or the name of the dentist as your deciding factor. Now that you have a list of three to five local dentists, research their history, professional background, diplomas, education and how long they have been practicing. You can find this information on American Dental Association.

4. Call a dentist. Arrange a meeting with your prospective new dentist before any work is done. Most dentists will gladly schedule a "get acquainted" visit so you can meet the dentist and staff, and decide then if this is the right dentist for your teeth and your family's needs. Call the dentists that you want to learn more about – asking what services they offer as well as what insurances they accept. You don’t have use them until you are 100 percent satisfied. If they are hesitant, cross their name off of your list and move on.

Now that the moving experience is over and you are in your new place, there will be ups and downs as you discover a new routine and providers for the services that you were once familiar with. It may take a little time, but research and perseverance will bring you to the professional dentist that you deserve.