Helping Your Kids Adjust After Moving

Many parents who are contemplating a move are very concerned about their kids. They worry that they may be sad, angry and they may have a hard time adjusting when it comes to going to a new school, making new friends and being in a new environment. So, how can you help your kids when it comes to moving time? Here are some proven tips to help you.

Tell Them

Some parents think it's better to just wait until the last minute to tell the kids. But, you may be asking for trouble if you do that, and really, for many young kids, moving can be a fun adventure! So, try to tell your kids weeks in advanced, or as soon as you learn. This will give them time to adjust to the idea and also you can use this time to help them adjust to the idea. You can get information about your new home, neighborhood and even their school. Do activities to help them get excited about moving, like planning a road trip on the way or perhaps even helping them plan their rooms.

After Moving

One way to keep them excited about the new home (and distracted from the sadness of leaving the old one) is to give them a project, like helping you unpack or decorating their room. As said earlier, hopefully you've allowed them to plan it. After the heavy furniture has been moved in, help them decorate the room with wall stickers, rugs, lamps etc. Allow them some freedom (not too much that would destroy or lower the value of your home) so they can feel that their room is really personalized.

Next, you can help them make friends by making friends yourself. Make friends with other parents or ask your new neighbors if they or anyone they know has kids your children's age. Arrange a play date so they can meet and help your kids make new friend. You can even go to the park and meet other parents and kids there. There are also many activities that you can join, like swimming lessons, soccer, dance classes etc. Do some advanced research before you move so you can get them started.

Of course, let them keep ties with people from your old neighborhood. With the internet, it's easy for them to keep in touch through email or even Skype. If it's possible, arrange for a friend to visit or have your kids go and visit them.

While each child is different, these tips can certainly make it easier on you and your child when it comes to adjusting after a move. Try them or a combination to find out what's best.