How to Pack Up Your Child's Room When Moving

By Dermound Becker
Special to

Psychologists have determined that moving is one of the most stressful things that one has to go through in life. When children are involved in the moving process, stress levels can be elevated where you will have to explain everything about their new home and new school and even information about the movers that will come and take your stuff.

Through this process, you will also have to pack up their belonging. The best way to go about this is to set up a time line of when and what to pack. For instance, if one is moving in the summer, then everything related to winter can be packed well in advance.

This means that you need to bring in the boxes and pack all of the child’s winter clothes, comforter, winter linen and blankets. Once packed, securely seal and label these boxes and put them in a place where they will be out of the way and ready for removal.

Also, if your kids are old enough give them jobs like packing their stuffed animals or books. Don't rush this task since they will most likely be a little slower than you or your professional packing company.

A few days before the actual move, be sure to double check your kids room. Make sure that all clothes, toys, sports equipment and books are packed. Also, make sure to leave enough clothes and anything else which will be needed up to the last minute, for the few days left in the old home.

Leave an empty box in the room to pack all the remaining possessions on the day of the actual move. If you have contracted with a moving company to pack up the furniture and other large articles in the home, make sure that they know what items are fragile in your kids room as well as what items still need to be packed. If you are doing the moving yourself, organize for your children to go to visit a friend or neighbor while their beds and similar objects are packed.

Finally, make sure that their most prized possessions are easily found in the new home, to give them a feeling of continuity and comfort.