Family Guide: Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips to use as you tell your family about the move:


  • Tell them they're moving as early as possible. They will need to get used to the idea of moving also.

  • Discuss the advantages of moving with them e.g. better schools, bigger and better shopping malls, new entertainment facilities and so on.

  • Maintain a positive attitude but do not over do it as they will hold you accountable for whatever you say. Your positive attitude will also rub off on your kids so be enthusiastic about the new adventure ahead.

  • Be prepared for negative comments and reactions and do not lose your cool when these opinions are voiced.

  • Listen and be patient and reassure them you will be there to help them through the transition.

  • Let them know they can help with the move and that this is a family event. They may be able to help with some planning or packing.

  • Answer any questions as best as you can with examples if possible. It's okay if you cannot answer all the questions right away as long as they see you are completely open to any questions. This will make them feel more comfortable with the move.