Moving with a Baby: Tips and Advice

Moving is a hectic and time-consuming job at the best of times. If you are moving with a baby, the stress can increase exponentially. Here are some helpful tips to make moving with a baby a little easier. 

Create a packing plan. When packing up your belongings, trying to also take care of a baby will just make it harder and take a lot longer to accomplish. Have another person there who can take charge of your baby or hire a babysitter to take your baby out for a few hours while you arrange your items into boxes.

Planning ahead is key. Planning ahead is essential when moving with a baby. If you are moving to a new city, you are going to want to choose a pediatrician and dentist ahead of time. You can find doctors on the Internet, and you can also find sites where actual patients rank doctors and provide feedback. Or you can also ask your current doctor to recommend a good pediatrician in your new city. Arrange to have all your baby’s records sent to the new doctor ahead of time. You also want to have copies of the baby’s vaccinations and medical history along with you just in case of emergency.

Think about driving. There is a lot of planning involved when you drive with a baby to your new home. Most likely, your baby will get fussy if they have to be in a car for a long period of time, so you need to plan the drive with plenty of stops factored in. If the drive takes more than one day, you may need to plan a night stop ahead of time and make sure that the hotel or motel you spend the night in has a crib. 

Consider the baby's belongings. You need also need to take a lot of baby stuff along with you. Obviously, things like plenty of diapers and formula make sense. But you should also bring along bottles of water from home. Different cities have different water systems, and new water might make your baby’s stomach upset. Also, consider bringing blankets and baby’s favorite toy. Consider making a CD or tape to play in the car filled with soothing sounds or music to play as you drive.  Be sure to remember baby food and a way to feed baby. 

Bring a first aid kit. One last thing you should pack for the moving trip is an emergency first aid kit. Pack a thermometer, baby pain medication and things like moist towelettes.

Moving is an exciting time that when done with a baby can be a little challenging. To alleviate any stress, organizing and planning ahead of time to make the journey to your new place an exciting time for both you and your baby.