Family Guide: Breaking the News

We're Moving! How to Break the News?

It is probably a good idea to have a family meeting to discuss the move. If your family never has family meetings, a family meal either at home or in a local restaurant is another good way to break the news. Don't expect everyone to be pleased about the move. You will need to provide them with as much information as possible and focus on the benefits and advantages of the move.

Tell them if you are moving because of a job promotion or for a new job. Break it to them gently and kindly. Tailor your explanations to the age of the children. Generally speaking the older the child the more difficult they will find the move and have more trouble coping with the move.

Young children may just need reassurance that they will be moving with Mommy and Daddy. Older children will be concerned about leaving their old school and friends and having to adjust to a new school and make new friends. Teens will be the most upset by the move as they will have developed very strong relationships with their friends.

The youngest children only need to know that you are moving to a new town because your office will be in the new town. You may be moving to be closer to relatives and your youngest children will be very pleased if you tell them this is the reason for the move.

Older children will want to know more and you should be prepared to tell more. They may want to move however if you explain to them that you are moving to be closer to relatives or to a better job they will most likely understand the reason for the move.