Top 10 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

Do you want to spruce up your room or are you moving to a new home, but on a tight budget? No need to break the bank just to refresh your home. You can instantly change it up with these simple and inexpensive decorating ideas:
  1. A Fresh Coat of Paint
    New color on your walls can easily change the look of a room. You may even find that certain shades of paint can make your room look bigger! And a few cans of paint, and supplies aren't that expensive. All you really need is the time and willingness to do the painting yourself and after one or two weekends, you'll feel like you moved into a brand new room!

  2. New Curtains and Drapes
    If you're a whiz with a sewing machine or thread and needles, you can sew up some new curtains for your windows, to change them up a bit. Even you don't know how to sew, you can purchase inexpensive curtains from the Internet or your local home store. Try some sheer, diaphanous fabric to bring some texture in your room, without blocking out the natural light.

  3. Shelving and Storage
    You can have the most beautiful room in the world, but if you're room is cluttered and dirty, then it can look quite sad indeed. Adding some shelving and storage page and being able to put your things away can change up a room.

  4. Plants
    Having some live plants in your home can add color and freshness to any room. Plants also have a calming effect, and can even help clear your room of pollutants.

  5. Bedsheets and Covers
    In your bedroom, changing up your sheets can bring a different dimension, and you don't even have to pick up a nail or hammer to make a dramatic change!

  6. Area Rug
    A bright or patterned area rug adds warmth to any room. Find one that compliments, or even contrasts the rest of your room d├ęcor for an instant focal point.

  7. Bathroom Makeover
    Don't ignore your bathroom. Just because your guests don't see it, doesn't mean you can't enjoy having a great looking bathroom. Purchase or make some matching shower curtains and bath mats to instantly refresh your bathroom's look.

  8. Picture Perfect
    Are your walls looking drab? Why not hang up some artwork to dress it up? You don't have to buy thousand dollar works of art to hang up. You can find great pictures on the internet (or from your own collection) and take them to a print shop where they can print them on large canvasses or mount them on art board.

  9. Spray Paint
    Using spray paint is a no-brainer, and a $10 can of spray paint can really spruce up an old lamp, side tables or just about anything in your home.

  10. Mirrors
    A deftly-placed mirror can really make a difference in any room, and you can find cheap ones at garage sales or thrift stores. Try putting a large mirror over a fireplace, or covering one of your closets with mirrors to bring some light and space into a room.