Top Five Pet-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

Let’s face it; your pet is a member of our family. To many of us, your pet is family, just like a child. Those considering moving to a new city will want to consider a city where pets are treasured and appreciated as the important companions that they are. There are many cities in the U.S. that are known for being pet-friendly, but these five cities have gone above and beyond to make a place you and your pet can call home.

San Diego, California:
San Diego has won awards for their care and accommodations for pets of all kinds. If you are just planning a visit, there is a very long list of hotels and motels that will allow you to keep your cat or dog with you. But if you are moving to San Diego, you will discover an amazing variety of places you can go with your pet, things to do and fun activities for your beloved animal companion. There is an impressive list of restaurants that will allow you to bring your pet right along with you when you want to eat out. There are at least 10 beaches in and around San Diego that are dog-friendly and allow you to play with your pet without a leash.  There are year-round festivals for pets, including contests for ugliest dog, ‘Woofstock,’ and dog surfing contests. Moving with your pet to San Diego insures a long and happy life for your pet.

Seattle Washington:
Seattle has a long-standing reputation for being a very pet-friendly city. Moving to Seattle with your pet will astound you with its appreciation of pets!  There is quite a list of employers who have dog-friendly offices. You can bring your pet to work (on a leash, of course) and never have to be away from your precious pet. And these employers are not what you would expect, such as dog groomers or vets. There are actual office-space businesses that allow you to bring your dog to work. There are pubs and nightclubs that will let you bring your pet along with you when you decide to go out for a beer or a night on the town.  There are restaurants that will let you dine with your dog right beside you. Your pet is allowed on public transportation, including the ferry. You can take a carriage ride through Pioneer Square with your pet. There are also numerous dog parks and beaches there as well. 

San Francisco California:
Thinking of moving to the city by the bay?  It is a great place for you and your pet! San Francisco has an extensive list of pet-friendly parks where you can take your dog off-leash for a romp. Candlestick Park, home to baseball’s Giants, has a annual event where you can take your dog to a ball game with you.  There are too many restaurants that allow you to eat with your dog to even list. Dogs are allowed on the local trolleys, the streetcars and the cable cars allow dogs as well.  You can go shopping at a mall with your pet, and there are many stores (even non-pet-related ones) that allow dogs in the store. Four beaches will let you romp in the ocean with your dog, and there are more than 25 off-leash parks there, too.  If you move to San Francisco, there will be no end of fun to be had there with your pet!

Boston Massachusetts:
Boston is an exciting pet-friendly town!  If you are considering moving to Boston, you will not regret the opportunities available to you and your loved one. Boston allows leashed dogs on the subway. There are many dog-parks, and you can take a hike on the Freedom Trail through all the historic areas of Boston with your dog on a leash. There are open air markets that welcome you and your pet for some wonderful shopping and many restaurants that will allow you to eat with your doggie companion. There is a water taxi that will take you and your dog to Boston Harbor Island and you can spend hours romping around there before returning home.

Chicago Illinois:
Those moving to Chicago with their pet will discover numerous activities to enjoy together.  There is a pet day at the White Sox baseball field. There is a lakefront cruise every weekend during the summer just for dogs (and their owners). Carriage rides, river walks, eating out with your pet, riding on the bus, even shopping at Bloomingdale’s are possible in Chicago with your pet. There are three dog-friendly beaches for playing in the lake. There are numerous dog parks in the city. You pet can get its feet wet in the Buckingham Fountain and go with you to tour Hemingway’s birthplace or to the arboretum. If you move to Chicago with your pet you will never tire of things to do.