Tips for Moving with Pets


If you’re moving and you have a beloved pet, one of the things you’ve probably thought about is how to ensure your pet is comfortable before, during and after your the moving experience. Our pets can be sensitive to change, so we must also prepare them for major changes like moving. If you’ve moving with pets, here are some things you need to know.

Before You Move.
You’ll have to figure out how to transfer your pets from your old home to your new home. If you have to fly, how will you bring your pets? Dogs and cats can be brought on the plane, but check with your airline carrier what you need to do before, if you need any check-ups, vet certifications and other permits and such.But what about moving with small pets, like birds, hamsters and fish? These will need additional research and preparation before you move. Most types of pets can be shipped express, and your moving company may even help you shipping them.

If you’re moving to another country or even another state, check the local laws about bringing in animals. You may be inspected when you enter the borders or cross state lines, so don’t be caught unawares. Also, check the local laws on pet control, as these vary from state to state. Make sure you have a check-up before you leave and that all the papers are in order. If you have some sort of identification tag or implanted chip, make sure you make arrangements to have your address changed as soon as you move.

During the Move.
If you hired long distance moving companies, then you’ll have a lot of strangers around your home. This may agitate or traumatize some pets, so make sure you prepare. Place your pets in one room where they won’t be disturbed and instruct the movers not to go in there. If possible, take your pet out for a walk while the movers are there. Have a family member be responsible for each of your pets. During the move (if you’re moving by car), he or she is responsible for ensuring the pet is not left behind, is comfortable and well-taken care of. If you’re traveling long distances and you need to stay at a hotel, make sure you book pet-friendly hotels.

After the Move.
The first thing you should do is find a new vet for your pet. Check on the Internet and do your research to find the best ones. Ask your old vet if they can send your records to the new vet or if you can take copies with you to take. If you have dogs, then you can help them get familiar with your new surroundings by taking them for a walk around your new neighborhood. Make sure your new home is “pet-proofed” and there aren’t any dangerous items lying around. Much like when you moved out, it’s best to keep them away while the movers are putting your things in your new home. They may need some time to adjust to your new home. Try to have some familiar items with them at all times, and try to arrange their things (beds, bowls, toys, etc.) the same way they were at home.