Pets Guide: Pets ID Tags

The state you are moving to may have different state regulations regarding animals and indeed may have special regulations around the entry of pets to the state. It is important that you understand the requirements so that you can comply with them, whether you have cats or dogs or some other pet. It is recommended you contact the state veterinarian of your new home state to find out what the laws and regulations are in that state. It is not uncommon for pets to need an entry permit in order to enter the state.

Remember, in many towns and cities the number of pets per household may be limited. You may also be limited by the amount of time you have in order to obtain a local license.

You will most likely have to have a health cert for your pet available for inspection. This health cert needs to come from a licensed veterinarian. The Department of Agriculture is the body who may conduct any inspections and may be at airports or even on highways although this is not as common.


You may need to obtain a health cert for your pet and this can be used in the event it is required for entry to your new home state. The Department of Agriculture may request to see the health cert at your destination airport or may even be patrolling the highways if you are driving. A health cert is generally valid for 10 days so be sure to have the inspection scheduled for just before you move. A complete physical examination is conducted on your pet and the vet check that all inoculations have been administered especially the rabies vaccination.